Emergency Management

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Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Carol Buck

Departmental Purpose

What we do:

  • Maintain the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Washburn County
  • Provide assistance for emergency response to emergencies and disasters
  • Develop and update emergency plans for all hazards impacting our community
  • Provide liaison with local, state and federal authorities during emergencies and disasters
  • Develop, coordinate and conduct emergency management training/exercise programs
  • Develop and distribute emergency management presentations, brochures, pamphlets, public service announcements and other relevant information for civic organizations, businesses, and the public.

If a disaster would strike Washburn County, it could be days before help arrives and basic services are restored. Would you and your family be ready if that happened? Unfortunately, most households aren't prepared even for routine water main breaks and weather-related power outages that leave us without utilities for two or three days. The Washburn County Emergency Management along with the emergency response community strongly urges every household to prepare to get along for 72 hours following an emergency with no assistance. This webpage is intended to provide the people of Washburn County with the tools to better prepare themselves for disasters.

Mission Statement

Washburn County Emergency Management coordinates effective disaster response and recovery efforts in support of local governments. Through planning, training and exercising, we prepare ourselves, our citizens and response personnel to minimize the loss of lives and property.

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