Emergency Planning & Community Right-To-Know

Washburn County Law Enforcement Center
Washburn County LEPC - Office of Emergency Management
421 Hwy. 63
Shell Lake, WI 54871

Information available includes lists of facilities reporting, Material Safety Data Sheets, inventory forms of chemicals, emergency response plans and if any are filed, follow-up emergency notices of releases from facilities.

Telephone inquiries as to specific information contained in the files will not be accepted.

Copies of the documents may be made at the expense of the requestor and at rates established by Washburn County.

Information available is limited to compliance with P.L. 99-499 and does not include all chemicals that may pose a threat to humans, animals or the environment.

Questions related to this notice should be addressed to: Emergency Management Director, Washburn County, PO Box 429 -421 Hwy. 63, Shell Lake, WI 54871

This legal notice is published to inform the general public and complies with Section 324 of P.L. 99-499.