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Justice Programs Coordinator
Stephanie Villella

Departmental Purpose

The Justice Programs Coordinator works with the Washburn County Criminal Justice Coordination Council to develop and maintain alternative sentencing options for the Circuit Court of Washburn County.

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What is a Criminal Justice Coordination Council?

Criminal Justice Coordination Council: The council meets every 3rd Wednesday (January, April, July, & October) from 12 – 1 in the North Conference Room at Washburn County Community Services Building. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed.


Community Service: Provides community service placement and follow-up for individuals given this option in court or via a deferred agreement. In these selected cases the satisfaction of the specified hours of service can be completed and applied against court fines or length of jail term.
Community Service Brochure (pdf)

Drug and Alcohol Court: A specialty court developed to reduce substance abuse and criminal behavior in order to improve the lives of offenders, families, and the community. The approach is teamwork oriented and provides court supervision and drug treatment while holding offenders accountable for criminal behavior. The team consists of the Circuit Court Judge, District Attorney, Defense Attorney, AODA and Mental Health Coordinator, AODA Treatment Providers, Jail Administrator and Police Chief, Community Corrections Agent, and Justice Programs Coordinator.
Drug and Alcohol Court Brochure (pdf)
Drug and Alcohol Court Application (pdf)

Electronic Monitoring: Selected offenders are given the option of electronic monitoring, a form of home detention, in lieu of jail time. The offender must qualify by the offense type, be a non-violent offender, agree to the conditions of the program, and typically be ordered by the court. There is a fee for this program. 
Electronic Monitoring Brochure (pdf)

Intoxicated Drivers Intervention Program: This is a voluntary, pre-trial Washburn County program designed for individuals with charges of OWI 2nd and above. Participants will be required to be involved in case management, obtain an assessment to determine possible treatment options. This process can promote a quicker recovery process, adds a level of accountability and enhances highway safety in the county. Certain participants will qualify for electronic monitoring for at least a portion of their sentence.
Intoxicated Drivers Intervention Program Brochure (pdf)

Domestic Abuse Intervention Program: This is a voluntary, pretrial program designed to assist individuals with addressing their anger management and relationships.  To be eligible you must be charged in Washburn County with a Domestic Abuse related crime, including but not limited to disorderly conduct, assault & battery, victim intimidation, etc.
Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Brochure (pdf)

Marijuana Awareness Program: This is a voluntary, pre-trial Washburn County program designed for individuals between the ages of 17 and 30 with charges for first time possession of THC, Paraphernalia, and/or Synthetic Cannabinoid.  Participants are required to participate in a four week educational group.  Participants who fully comply with the program may have their case dismissed by the district attorney. 
Marijuana Awareness Program Brochure (pdf)

Defensive Driving Diversion Program: Washburn County offers a Defensive Driving Diversion program for first time traffic offenses. This voluntary program is designed to give first time speeding offenses, or no speeding tickets within 3 years, a second chance to have their speeding ticket removed or reduced from his/her record.
Defensive Driving Diversion Program Brochure (pdf)