Washburn County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2021-2035

The 2021-2035 Washburn County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan governs all management activities on the Washburn County Forest.  Plan contents include administration, recreation, forestry, land acquisitoin, special uses and others.

The Plan was drafted by staff and the Forestry, Parks and Recreation Committee.  The Washburn County Board of Supervisors approved the Plan October 19,2021.

Plan Chapters are available below:

Table of Contents

Chapter 100 - Background

Chapter 200 - General Administration

Chapter 300 - Description of Forest

Chapter 400 - Forest Ownership

Chapter 500 - Land Use

Chapter 600 - Protection

Chapter 700 - Roads and Access

Chapter 800 - Integrated Resource Management

Chapter 900 - Recreation

Chapter 1000-Appendix

Chapter 2000 - Planning, Reports, Budgets

Chapter 3000 - Integrated Resource Management Units (15 sub-chapters) 

Chapter 4000 - Road and Access Plan Units and Regulations