Procedure for Applying for a Utility Permit

This permit only allows you to install utilities on County Right-of-Way.

  1. Obtain and complete the Washburn County Utility Permit form.  Follow all requirements for the WCHA Utility Policy and Washburn County Appendices.  Forms are available from the office or from the link below.
  2. Highway Department Personnel will review the application, comment if any changes are needed, and return the approved permit once the required fee is paid via check.
  3. Once utility installation is complete, submit a completion form which can be found in Section 96.98 of the Washburn County Appendices.
  4. If you or your company need an invoice for payment processing, please print page 2 of the application and mail to:  Washburn County Highway Department, 1600 County Highway H, Spooner WI 54801

Download the Washburn County Utility Permit Here

Download the Washburn County Appendices Here

Download the WCHA Utility Accommodation Policy Here