Oversize or Overweight Single Trip Permits

Please provide all of the following when applying. Your permit will not be considered until all permit requirements have been received by the Highway Department. Please allow ample time when turning in your request, don't turn it in one day and expect it to be ready the same day or the following day. Allow 3-4 working days for your permit to be ready.

Oversize or Overweight Siingle Trip Permit Form (pdf)

  1. Application must be made on Washburn County Single Trip Application/Permit form, which is available at the Washburn County Highway Department Office. Fax application will be accepted, but permits will be issued only through the mail or in person.
  2. A map showing the route must be included with the permit application.
  3. All other units of governments (Township, Municipalities, State) with roads on which the load will travel must be contacted for permits. A copy of these permits must be submitted with the application. If the permit was granted orally, provide name and phone number of person contacted, as well as what unit of government they represent.
  4. All utilities that have overhead facilities along the proposed route must be contacted. Provide the utility name, contact person, phone number and date of contact. This requirement in no way relieves you of the statutory requirements per Sec. 254.15(2).
  5. All provisions of Wisconsin Administrative Code Trans 254 and Trans 252 will apply. These codes are attached to this policy. In addition, all loads 16' wide or wider will be required to have a traffic officer escort, serving as one of the two required escorts.
  6. A certificate of insurance showing Washburn County as an additional insured must be on file at the Washburn County Highway Department office.
  7. Permittee must notify the Washburn County Highway Department with date and approximate time the move will take place.