Special Permits

Permits can be obtained by visiting the Forestry Office or may be purchased through our Online Reservation system. (Not available for disability permits.)


The county offers firewood permits for dead and down wood in designated areas for a fee of $5.00. Permits are valid for 3 months and up to ten standard cords of wood.


Permits to harvest balsam boughs from trees taller than 12 feet and from the lower third of the tree are available for $5.00

Christmas trees:

A permit to harvest 1 Christmas tree per household, or 3 trees per non-profit organization is available for $2.00

Dispersed Camping:

Permits are available for dispersed camping (outside a designated campground) with a ten or lesser facility. Permits are issued for a minimum of 2 nights. Permits are $10.00 (2 nights) and campers may purchase consecutive permits for up to 14 days.

Disability Permits:

Disabled persons holding a valid Class A disability permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are eligible to apply for a permit to operate a motor vehicle on roads designated as closed to motor vehicle travel. These permits are generally made valid from a point of entry to a specific location (from a gate to a deer stand for example). Contact the Forestry Department for more information.