Dog License Information


Pursuant to WI Stat. 174.052, notice is hereby given to all Washburn County dog owners that you are required to license and vaccinate for rabies, under the provisions of WI Stat. 95.21(2), any dog over 5 months of age.  (Statute defines a "dog owner" as anyone who owns, harbors or keeps a dog.)   The license year  is defined as January 1 - December 31.

Minimum Dog License fees are as follows:  $5.00 for spayed or neutered dogs, $10.00 for  unspayed or unneutered dogs.  Local municipalities may supplement these fees, please check with your local treasurer for current fee amount.  Multiple dog license fees are:  $50 for up to 12 dogs and $5.00 for each additional dog.

Dogs not licensed by April 1st, or within 30 days of acquiring ownership,  or after reaching 5 months of age,  are subject to a late fee of not less than $5.00 per dog.  Owners who fail to license or vaccinate a dog pursuant to the above statutes are subject to citation and forfeiture.

Dog licenses are obtained through your local municipal treasurer.