Stairways and Piers

Stairways and Piers. Stairways, elevated walkways and that portion of piers landward of the ordinary high water mark are exempted from the shoreline setback requirement provided:

  1. The structure is necessary to access the shoreline because of steep slopes or wet, unstable soils.
  2. The structure shall be located so as to minimize earth disturbing activities and shoreline vegetation removal during construction and to be visually inconspicuous as viewed from the adjacent waterway and public thoroughfares.
  3. The structure shall be no more than five (5) feet wide.
  4. Structures shall be inconspicuously colored.
  5. Railings are permitted only where required by safety concerns.
  6. Canopies and roofs on such structures are prohibited.
  7. Landings for stairways or docks are permitted only where required by safety concerns and shall not exceed forty (40) square feet.
  8. Such structures shall be constructed in accordance with best management practices for minimizing adverse impact on the shoreland area and adjoining water. In determining whether a structure will comply with best management practices the Zoning Department may seek the assistance of the Land & Water Conservation Department.
  9. Stairways are considered a structure and are subject to side property line setbacks.