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Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, Lisa Burns
Washburn County Land & Water Conservation Department
Phone: (715) 468-4654
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Washburn County has roughly 960 named and unnamed lakes, ranking third in the state for lake richness. It also contains 18 impoundments and 60 streams. Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are on the move to invade Wisconsin’s water bodies. The AIS Coordinator provides assistance to lake groups and individuals interested in the identification and management of invasive species.

What are Aquatic Invasive Species?

Aquatic Invasive species are plants, animals and pathogens that are "out of place." A species is regarded as invasive if:

Why are Aquatic Invasive Species a Problem?

Aquatic invasive species often leave their predators and competitors behind in their native ecosystems. Without these natural checks and balances they are able to reproduce rapidly and out-compete native species. Once established, they can alter ecological relationships among native species and can affect ecosystems function, economic value of ecosystems and human health.

In the United States, over $140 million is spent annually as a result of invasive species. Since its inception in fiscal year 2004, the Wisconsin Aquatic Invasive Species Grant Program has invested about $24 million in grants to reimburse local projects to monitor and control invasive species. Washburn County has spent over $1million.

Watch out for these Invasives in NW Wisconsin:

What Species are in Washburn County?

Please help prevent the spread of invasive species:

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WI Statewide AIS Laws

DNR Grant Information

How can you become involved?

(*Note: Both of these trainings are free and available through the county AIS Coordinator.)