County Forest Owned Lands Ordinance

The County Forest is governed by the County Owned Lands Ordinance, which was adopted by County Board. The following is a summary of commonly violated ordinances:

Motor vehicle use:

(please refer to the section on the Road and Access Plan for more information)

  1. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle unless on a trail designated open by Forestry Committee Cross-country (off trail) travel is prohibited.
  2. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on a trail designated closed with a sign, gate, or earthen berm.
  3. Two wheel-motorized travel is prohibited (dirt bikes, mini-bikes, motorcycles).
  4. The use of ATV's is prohibited from April 1 through the first Friday before Memorial Weekend, or when DNR fire danger is listed as very high or higher.

Tree stands, blinds, etc.

  1. No person shall build, occupy, or use any elevated platform unless the structure and/or steps do not damage the tree. Damage includes the use of nails or screw in tree steps.
  2. Elevated platforms may be left overnight for a period of not more than nine days provided the stand is labeled with the users name and address, or DNR customer ID number at any time it is left unattended. In addition, the elevated platform must be a ladder type, lock on, or self climbing.
  3. Blinds may only be built with natural, dead, non-manufactured vegetation from on site. Commercial or hand made blinds are permitted provided they are removed at the end of hunting hours each day.


  1. Camping on the County Forest, outside of a campground, is permitted only with a tent or lesser facility and with a permit. A call to the Forestry Office prior to camping giving us location and length of stay constitutes permission.
  2. Camping with a mobile home or camper is permitted during the normal 9-day gun season provided you are camped within 200 feet of a town road, and have a permit.
  3. It is illegal to ignite a fire on County Forest within the Townships of Casey, Chicog, Minong or Springbrook. These are dry, sandy areas prone to forest fires.
  4. Overnight camping is not allowed at any County boat landing or picnic area.

Violations of the County Owned Lands Ordinance can result in fines up to $200.00 plus court costs. Please contact the Washburn County Forestry Department for a complete list of ordinances.

For full text of County Forest Owned Lands Ordinance view (Chapter 50).