Washburn County Forestry

The Washburn County Forest is a "working" forest. The forest is managed jointly between the County Forest and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Management is based on an allowable harvest of 3,150 acres of management per year. Annually, the County Forest conducts this management in aspen, pine, northern hardwood, red oak, and other types. Management is done by a combination of selective thinnings and clearcuts.

Washburn County manages by a principal called ecosystem management. This means that the forest is not managed exclusively for trees and fiber production. All management activities are incorporated with management for wildlife, water resources, endangered species, and recreation.

The Washburn County Forestry Committee offers approximately 45 timber sales per year in three separate bid openings conducted in March, July, and November. Sales are sold through a sealed bid process. Gross timber sale revenues range from $2.0 to $2.5 million per year. Fifteen percent of this revenue is paid directly to local townships as a payment in lieu of taxes. The remaining monies are returned to the County's general fund, a portion of which funds the operating budget of the Forestry Department. Timber sale revenues also support the recreation program on the County Forest.

Washburn County is one of the most diverse County Forests in the State. We have a multitude of forest types ranging from cedar swamps, to northern hardwood forests, to jack pine. We also offer a wide variety of forest products through our management program. This forestry work supports many loggers in the community and also helps support timber industries both local and statewide. Loggers interested in purchasing Washburn County timber sales should contact the Forestry Department.