Chores & Cares Program

Looking for help in your home?

Often people need a bit of help in their home due to age or disability. Perhaps it’s help with cleaning their home, doing their laundry, preparing meals, running errands, shopping, transportation (medical and non-medical), household repairs, friendly visits, companion care, caregiver respite, personal cares (i.e. bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming/hygiene), yard work, snow shoveling, roof raking, window washing, storm windows put on, gutters cleaned, lawn care, pet care, etc. The list could be endless.

Although we do have some resources to meet some of these needs, not all of them can be met. People may choose to not use resources for various reasons.

The Chores & Cares Program will act as a mechanism to connect chores and cares providers (people willing to provide the needed service) with employers (those who wish to privately pay) for such services.
Those people willing to provide chores/cares (“providers”) will need to complete an “application”. The “application” is used to provide basic information about you, the provider:

* what chores/cares you are willing to provide
* what area(s) you are willing to work
* what experience or certifications you may have

Payment of $10 must accompany the completed application for a background check. This fee is non-refundable. Once the background check is completed, reviewed and approved, the provider’s application will be kept on file for review by prospective employers (those looking to hire chores/cares providers).

It is important to note:

Providers would be employed directly by those individuals obtaining the service (the employer). All wages, hours and working conditions are negotiated between the provider of the service and the employer (the individual paying for the services).

The entire work agreement is between the provider of the service and the individual paying for the service (the employer). Washburn County has no involvement and, therefore, no liability.

People looking for a particular service are able to hire who they feel will best meet their individual needs.

The ADRC will not review information or send a notice to you asking you to review your information. Likewise, if you are no longer interested in participating in this program, you will need to provide notice to the ADRC.

If you would like information about the Chores & Cares Program or to request a provider application, please contact the Information & Assistance Specialist at  715-635-4462