Court Ordered Work Search

If you are court ordered to seek work, that means you are unemployed, employed less than 20 hours per week or not making your full child support payment on time.  Below is the form used to stay compliant with your order.

 Printable Work Search Form


 Fillable Work Search Form   (select "view" and then in drop down box select "edit document")

     ***After form is completed you can take the following steps to email to Child support agency by doing the             following: 

 1. select File

 2. select Share

 3. select Email

 4. select Send as Attachment

 5. in the "TO" enter

 6. SEND


*Remember you need to submit your Work Search Form WEEKLY, until employment is found by:


CS Agency-HHSD Elliot Building

   PO Box 250-110 4th Ave West

   SHELL LAKE, WI 54871

    Fax: 715-468-4753

   Phone: 715-468-4747