Washburn County Land Auction

The County holds a Tax Delinquent Land Sale each year and this year's Land Sale parcels will again be sold at an online auction.

The parcels will be listed and auctioned on www.wisconsinsurplus.com

Please visit the site for registration and bidding instructions.

The auction will run from June 1st through June 26th. 

Washburn County reserves the right to accept or decline all bids.

A listing of the land that will be up for bid and information about each parcel is available by clicking HERE. A packet can be mailed for those without internet access, by sending your name and address to us at: PO Box 639, Shell Lake, WI 54871, by contacting our office at 715-468-4600 or emailing us at coclerk@co.washburn.wi.us Registration and bidding must be done online at www.wisconsinsurplus.com.

For parcel information, please call Nicole Tims at (715) 468-4650